SEO Spain


The SEO process starts with auditing the website and looking for goals both short and long term. The second stage of a SEO process is the implementation of the resources we found from the audit and the final stage which tests and measures the results.

Our SEO process explained.

  • Audit - at the start of any client relationship we complete an initial audit of their website, competition & market so that we can develop a strategy to meet their objectives. The results of the audit also act as a benchmark for the campaign against which success can be measured giving full accountability for the results achieved.
  • Implementation - this second phase of the SEO campaign begins only when the strategy has been agreed with the client. Once happy with our reccommendations, either we can apply the stategy or have your own webmaster do this for you.
  • Test & Measure - during and after the implementation from the audit (whether by the client or ourselves) the results are measured and tested to enable us to see the results and to make any changes to the overall strategy as and when required.

Why choose SEO in Spain

For the past 7 years our team have worked on many a projects within Spain and the UK. Choosing us guarantees you:

  • Team members are experts in their field - We pride ourselves at been highly talented, dedicated and proactive. Not to mention that we love the internet.
  • We apply latest advertising and marketing techniques - not just good design.
  • No hidden copyright legal issues - Once you have paid for something, thats it. It is all yours, many designers do not asign these to you.
  • We are up to date on all new techniques and standards.
  • Full online service agency. We can take you through the design, development, SEO and the marketing process of your website.
  • Free technical support to all of our clients.
  • Our Proven Track Record of Satisfied and Successful Clients.
  • Our Ability to Get Results!
  • We will keep you regularly updated and informed on progress.
  • We Want to Become Your Long-Term Partner. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients.