Search engine marketing is the only strategy that can be used in promoting online businesses. The high competition on the Internet in almost every business niche can only be conquered with effective marketing strategies that get your website get noticed. SEM is a collection of techniques that includes consultancy, social media, pay per click, online advertising and email newsletters.

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These practices are used by businesses all over the world to increase website rankings, generate higher traffic and generally expose their business. Social media marketing has to be the most effective way to interact with your audience and give them a chance to talk to the real you. We offer a range of Social Media services and choose the best networks that will be beneficial for your business and industry users.

Social Media Marketing

An all important task when wanting to get personal with possible clients. This kind of marketing lets your customers know you exsist. Our services include, set up of accounts, intrigrated tools into your website (when aplicable), optimised accounts & regular updates from your website. We also give you full login details for you to add any bits when you like. Social Media


PPC & Google Adwords

This is a paid service that guarantees you the top search engine positions based on your bid amount. We will research keywords for your business that are suitable and likely to get good click through rates. We will also review your competitors and their activities before setting out to bid on behalf of you. PPC advertising campaigns lets customer targeting and tracking that is unmatched by other media outlets. With real-time feedback of your search marketing successes, you can immediately expand on winning strategies.PPC & Adwords


Email Newsletters

Keep connected to your clients. Marketing through Newsletters, is a very cost-effective online strategy a business could adopt. We can write, design, format and even send your corporate emails for you to ensure optimum effectiveness and save you time. Increase Brand Awareness and Secure Repeat Business. Whether you want to produce a monthly email to promote your latest offers on your website, or simply need the odd update for valued customers, we can help you.Newsletters


Private Advertising

Private online advertising is one of the most selective route to choose to get in front of the audience your business needs. Blogs, news websites and online magazines are among the few that offer a private ad on either a homepage or inner page space. Ads can be either text links or banner adverts that our team can design for you. Value differs with each website, genre, competition and your budget. Privtae Ads