Organic Link Building


The development of a strong, natural link building pattern is the main component to a successful website. At SEO in Spain, we have developed a comprehensive link building program that has proven to build strong credibility in your websites overall link score.

Link building is the art of strategically acquiring quality links from websites with PageRank, relevancy, and unique content. This is a tedious, powerful, critical process. In order to achieve good search engine positions, you need to have a good, all-rounded ongoing link building campaign

Our Link Strategy

The first place to start when building links is to seek out your competitors. We analyse the top 100 sites in Google to have a solid understanding of the SERPS, then we take an in depth analysis of each site on the first page. Common factors we investigate are:

  • Keyword anchor link text
  • Use of keywords in the text
  • Twitter mentions and Twitter backlinks
  • Top Google Page Rank links
  • Evidence of paid links
  • Link content networks
  • Use of link baits (Content, widgets, web apps etc)

Free quoteWe do not use spam techniques, automated link building software or link farms. We are not a SEO agency that offers a set link building "package", such as 1000 directory submissions, 10 articles submissions and 100 reciprocal links per month. This approach is outdated and will not rank a site consistently for competitive keywords. These methods may produce results quickly, but rankings will drop and it can be difficult to get them back to their original positions. It may even result in a penalty!