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Few platforms are creating buzz at the moment than the mobile phone industry. There is an estimated 40% of search through mobile phones by 2013. Thats a very large number of web users coming from a mobile phone. So the trick is to get ahead of the crowd. Our team can produce websites developed for mobile access.

Whats the difference in a mobile design?

First, you have to know that website design and construction generally used for desktop computer browsers is not compatible with that of mobile phones. For your site to work well on a mobile handset, it must follow the accessibility design guidelines for building mobile Websites which are set by the W3C.

The easiest way to build your mobile Website is to modify your existing Internet site to make it compatible for mobile handsets. If you decide to do so, expect that there will be big changes in terms of layout, design and construction.


What can we do?

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We can either take from your existing design to produce a mobile version or we can design and develop a completely new look. The trick to building a mobile site is for it to be minimal and clean. The less that is on the pages the easier it is for your users to understand and read it.