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Designed to incorporate a more versatile design option without the use of flash, HTML5 is still in development. With more and more developers taking on the new coding of the future, HTML5 is a huge step forward in todays design and development industry. HTML5 is being called the future of the Internet Experience by programmers.

HTML5 development

Sometimes it can be tough to make a website SEO friendly which consists of flash and unreadable coding. Since Google cannot read, crawl links or see headings in a flash based element it is difficult to get it SEO friendly. But the new HTML5 web development enables the effects of flash to read and Google to fetch content and links intervened in flash.

This process makes your website much more SEO friendly and allows you to take advantages of animated banners and designs. Our experienced developers can construct your entire website based on HTML5 not just making it SEO friendly but also user-friendly and easy to navigate.


What can be done with HTML5?

Below are just some of the new techniques been used in the latest websites developed by todays futuristic coding.

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  • Box Shadows: Another implement that before needed images or JavaScript to function. Now with a few lines of coding you have as much shadow as you like!
  • @Font-Face Changes: This is not a new feature but directly add your font into the CSS3 document. This is one feature I hope comes to standards.
  • Multi Columns: Now a way to develop a newspaper style with the multi column feature. This has not been possible until now.
  • Border Radius: Yes thats right, rounded corners made easy without the need to add images or JavaScript.
  • Various Backgrounds: To create this effect until now designers had to create numerous elements, now however all can be done through CSS3! It just gets better!
  • Opacity: Something that can create a fantastic effect and bring a website to life is the feature of Opacity. This is also one of the most popular used CSS3 commands. This is also combined with the addition of RGBA To control colours and the level of Opacity.
  • Border Images: We are now able to use images as our borders. This is an exciting feature as it can really brighten up web pages and galleries.
  • Video embedment: Now you can directly embed video straight into your webpages.
  • Auto Resize: Ability to resize depending on browser. Look good on desktop, netbook, tablet and mobile browsers without separate sites.