Google Web Analytics


Using a website analytics package like Google Analytics allows us to understand how your website is performing. The data provides us with traffic data showing which is most profitable and how to make informed decisions to increase traffic and sales. Analytics can also be used to improve site design so that more visitors become customers and allows your website to convert better.

What do Google Analytics show you?

  • Traffic and ROI analysis - showing you which are your most profitable traffic sources and new keyword opportunities
  • Conversion tracking - setting up Goals on your site- e.g a newsletter sign up or an online enquiry form to see how people interact with them
  • Tracking your online marketing - links in email campaigns and banner ads for example, the performance of this can be reported in Google Analytics.
  • Monitoring internal site search - see what people are wanting to find on your site and help identify new opportunities .
  • Customisable reports - The ability to customise reports and segments, as well as custom variables which allows you to define multiple tracking segments based on hits, session or visit level data

Finding out more about the users visiting your site, where they are coming from, and which pages they are most interacting with, can improve the performance of your site, allow you to better communicate with your audience and increase your online conversions

QI reports include:

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  • number of visitors each month
  • referring domains
  • what search engine is driving the most traffic
  • what keywords are driving the most traffic
  • ranking reports
  • campaign data
  • conversion/sales data